Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gradebook Be Gone

So I have a confession...I can't stand grading! It doesn't matter how many pretty Papermate Flair pens I buy, I still don't enjoy it. Especially after I sit there grading my papers and then have to gather them to put them in my gradebook. So instead, I started notebooking and only graded assessments. But...I didn't grade them in the typical way, I decided to get down with data. After all, if I'm going to spend precious time grading something, I'm going to walk away with something useful. I know DATA is that big scary word that's thrown around way TOO much these days. But data, when used for its true purpose, and not to beat up teachers, is actually quite powerful. So, here is a peek at my gradebook or actually Data Notebook. 

This cover is courtesy of Haley O'Conner-Teacher Binder. I now have an addiction with pretty covers! I love how easy it is too coordinate her binder covers! It's worth the purchase! 

Next is where I plan my data. I look the upcoming assessment, and decide how to best plan my instruction. Think, backwards design. Just taking the time to do this (which isn't as much as you think) is really powerful for your instruction. When we are always trying to fit everything in, this preparation will help you figure out what the most important take aways are.


Next is where I keep my recording data template. I have other subject tabs (literacy data, math data, etc.) were I store the scoring sheets for reference after completed. I just like the keep the template close for copying purposes. 

This is a SAMPLE of how to do the data sheet. It can look overwhelming, but is is not at all! It takes the same or less time than the old gradebook method. Just from this sample, I can clearly see. Which questions were the most missed and which students I need to pull for further instruction to ensure mastery. Plus, when you go to meetings, you can easily discuss student progress and data.


At some point, and maybe not for every assessment, I try to reflect. After all, data is only powerful if used correctly! I used the SAMPLE to show you how I reflect on the data. But this will look different for all. This is your time to be that reflective practitioner. Also, for evaluation purposes, you have evidence of purposeful retracting as needed.


After that comes my RTI tab which contains district RTi information and this Data at a Glance Sheet I created to help me track data points for specific RTI goals.


The last tab is a page for each student where I can jot down anecdotal notes when grading assessments. Notes that will be important for conferences, meetings, and report cards, etc.


Whew. So that my friends is how to get down with data! If you like to purchase his pack please click the picture below! 

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