Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blogging Here I Come

So being a mom is hard. Being a mom and a teacher, is even harder. I keep praying that with every TPT purchase I make that I will find some miraculous product that makes finding the balance easier, but so far no luck. It's just a daily journey of praying and allowing God to direct me. But, one thing I know, is I like connecting  with other teachers. It makes me feel more human I think. Like there are other people in this struggle too. With that being said, my goal is to blog more, connect more, get out of my to do list routine more. But, because I can't entirely give up my to do list...I did create some little sheets to help me stay focused! So with that I give you..

My TPT and Blogging Binder
Yep! There it is! This cover comes from Haley O'Connor's Teacher Binder which is awesome! Really awesome! Like, just go get it as a present to your OCD self! Click Here for the link!
Inside I have some pages I created to help keep me on track. 
A master planning page to keep a handy list of all my amazing ideas.


Calendars for each month to keep me motivated. Because let's be real, I'll do anything to be able to check a box off!

And a project planning page! So when I decide to create a project I can plan it out and keep up with  the fonts and clip art used and such. Also, I like to make lists, so that's really half the reason!

If you'd like to snag this pack for FREE, just click on the photo below.

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