Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It

Monday Made It - Pizza Box Portfolios

Yes it's Monday. My official last Monday of summer break. I report back to work THIS Friday. I should be relishing every last minute of my summer break, yet somehow, I have found myself assembling 25 pizza boxes. Here's why: 

So this year I am setting out to do pizza box portfolios. I went to my local restaurant supply company and picked up some pizza boxes. On the front I have created a cover page that says, My 'OWL'standing First Grade Work.
So the front is still kind of too plain for me, so i'm thinking i'll be letting students earn writing awards and we can glue them to their boxes as they earn them. I'm currently creating these awards. More to Come!!!

Here it is up close and personal :) 

On the inside of the box, I plan on putting published writings. At each writing celebration we will put our portfolios out and allow parents and students to tour or boxes. I decided to put a Meet the Author page on the inside flap. 

I also created a sheet to go with this for the celebrations. Parents and students can use the 'hoot n' holler page to leave compliments about the writing. 

These documents will be uploaded to my TPT store soon and will be known as "OWL"standing Parent Communication 

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