Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to School-The Name Game

Hey ya'll! I have to report back to work in 5 days! Eeek! I wanted to share with you a fun back to school game that your kiddos will love AND it will help everyone learn new names. This game can be played from small kids (like my firsties) all the way with adults. I've never tried it in kindergarten, but GO for it!!! The instructions are below. I can tell you, your kiddos will love this and have a smile on their face. It's a great first day or second day of school game. I do advise that you give the kiddos a chance to learn names and interact with their peers before playing this game. So you may want to do it in the afternoon of the first day or on  the second day.

The Name Game

You will need:
A large blanket
2 people (1 person to hold up each side of the blanket) 
Students/Players divided into 2 teams

How to Play: 
1.You (the teacher) will hold up one side of the blanket. You will need another student (who may need to stand on a small step stool) to hold up the other side. The blanket should be held up between the two teams, creating a barrier. So one team is in a straight line on one side, and the other team is in a straight line on the other side (talk about a great time to practice line procedures). 

2. The object of the game is to be the first person to say the other person's name when the blanket drops. Whichever student or player says the other player's (the player on the other side of the blanket when it drops) name first wins! It's very important that the line is straight and only one person from each team is up to the blanket so the players don't get confused as to whose name they are trying to guess. The loser must go to the winners team. You can play until it gets down to two people to determine the winner. *If you have a student helping you hold up the blanket, make sure to rotate them out, so they get a chance to play too!*

You will be surprised how hard it is to come up with their name under pressure. We have played this game at our family functions and it's always hilarious as well. This could work as a great staff icebreaker game as well. 

I'm hoping you can visualize this...I plan to post some pictures once we play this in my class next week! Happy Name Calling - In a good way of course!

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